About us

Pet Shop Pros is a sanctuary that sprouted from our pure affection for our canine companions, a modest desk, and our best friend and pup. We began as a heartfelt project by pet lovers for pet lovers, aiming to transform the routine task of shopping for pet supplies into a better experience. Our humble start, powered by passion and dedication to our four-legged friends, has flourished into a beloved destination for all your pet care needs, where every product is a pledge of quality.

Our story is a tapestry woven with threads of unwavering love for man's best friend, leading to the creation of Pet Shop Pros. Our founder envisioned a seamless, stress-free shopping experience, much like the one she wanted for her pup. It was this vision that shaped our philosophy: to handpick each item in our collection with the highest standards, embodying the care we believe every pet deserves. 

Pet Shop Pros isn't merely a pet supply store; we are a movement, a community united by the love of dogs. Drawing inspiration from our roots and the global paw prints of our pets, we offer a curated selection that marries functional design with everyday luxury. Here, every chosen product, from the coziest sleeping nooks to the most engaging playthings, is a testament to our philosophy—quality over quantity, ensuring the contentment and wellbeing of pets and their owners.

Pet Shop Pros stands for more than just excellence in pet care supplies—it's a commitment, our Good Pup Promise, to always put the welfare of your pets first. With every purchase, we're not only enhancing the life of your pet but also contributing to animal shelters, helping ensure every dog can enjoy happiness. Though our origins may be modest, our aspirations are grand, and our hearts as vast as the dreams we hold for the future. Thank you for choosing Pet Shop Pros as your partner in this beautiful journey of pet companionship and care.

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